AMPM 現代藝廊-
“OPEN SURFACE”stencil art exhibition

本次“Open Surface”展覽邀集到國內外11位模板塗鴉藝術家參展,作品中分別表達出創作者對模板塗鴉藝術的獨特詮釋。

The ‘Open Surface’ exhibit is a stencil art exhibition that features 11 known stencil artists (we added two more artists that aren’t on our ‘dm’) who are based in Taipei ,both local and foreigner who enjoy working within this medium both on the street and within a gallery setting.The purpose of the show is to expose each of the 11 artist’s work and introduce their individual styles of expression,topics and ideas they apply within this urban art medium.

參展藝術家 Featured Artists: Bbrother, City Stalker, Ano, Collasa, Kea, Vekon, Em Black, Hayes, LSB, and Dbsk1

展覽日期 Exhibition Date: 2007/02/03~03/03

展覽地點 Location: 台北市西門町內江街55巷24號4樓
4th Floor, No.24, Alley 55, NeiJiang St., XiMenDing, Taipei

開幕派對 Opening Party: 2007/02/03 pm8:00~pm11:00